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Introducing the Car CULTure podcast

Mike Cotten (@midwestimages) joins us to kick off the very first episode of the Car CULTure podcast. Mike is co-host of the MotorTrend show Faster with Finnegan and a regular on the YouTube channel Finnegan’s Garage.

During the episode, host Michael T Johnson (@blvckflagd) and Mike discuss:

  • Cruising to Zip Tie Drags in the Miata Kart and Vanishing Paint Challenger
  • Hotrodding in the midwest vs west coast
  • Mike’s friendship with Dave Newbern and Mike Finnegan
  • Mike’s career as a car builder and now TV show co-host
  • Building a 1980 c10 and a 10 second flat nose camper van
  • Road tripping in Square Force One to Pomona, CA to race John Chase
  • Planning for Hot Rod Power Tour which ended up being cancelled in 2020
  • Behind the scenes shooting Faster with Finnegan

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