Here’s a quick list of everything mentioned in the youtube video. Check back for updates as we build out more on this list:

Fuel Gauge

Our fuel gauge was purchased on Amazon. We also bought a matching GPS Speedometer and Tach to go with it.

Pre Filter, Pump, Corvette Filter/Regulator

We really like this inexpensive fuel filter from Amazon. It’s rebuildable and made of metal mesh (won’t dissolve in e85), and comes with a variety of fittings you can use in other projects.

Other fuel system parts we used:

Walbro GSL392 External Fuel Pump
Corvette Filter Regulator You can also buy these as complete kits with all the fittings at Speedway, Summit Racing, or any of your favorite parts places.
Aeroquip -6 Fuel line we purchased from Summit. All our fittings (summit twist-tite swivel hose ends) were purchased there too.

Helpful Resources

NHRA Rule Book
NHRA list of accepted products

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