Our first LS Swap for profit – A 2nd Gen Camaro

Introducing Our LS Swap Camaro Project

How did the LS Swap Camaro project come to be? Earlier this year, we decided to tackle our first build-and-flip project. We wanted to find a car that would maximize our profit, but also be a build that wouldn’t take too long.

Our project car criteria:

  • Something in demand but not overpriced. A lot of 60’s muscle cars are getting higher in price. Late 2nd gen Camaros are generally priced well, but still have good emotional appeal.
  • It has to be nice. No rust buckets or anything that needs major bodywork.
  • It has to be a good value. Many times a roller or former race car has had a lot of work done or money put into it.
perfect ls swap candidate - a 1978 Camaro z28
We found a 2nd gen Camaro roller for sale on Facebook marketplace. It’s the perfect candidate to swap in the 5.3 we have sitting in the shed.

When we found a 1978 z28 Camaro roller that fit all the criteria, we jumped on it.

Why LS Swap the Camaro?

Haters on the internet love to say how common or boring an LS Swap is. They’ll say everyone is doing it, and you should do something different.

That may have some truth to it, but what you see in the real world is different than the internet. We’re still seeing traditional small blocks and big blocks more than LS swaps when we go to the track or a show.

Besides, LS swapped cars are in demand, and we want to deliver the most value to the person that eventually buys this Camaro. An LS Swap means they can hop in, turn the key, and drive it every day. They’ll get good gas mileage, and have around 400ish horsepower plus great reliability.

an LM7 5.3 truck motor makes for the perfect cheap LS Swap
We just happened to have an LM7 5.3 sitting around

It also helps that we just happened to have a 5.3 and 4l60e transmission sitting in the shed. We even had a big cam and spring kit to go with it.

What’s Next for this 2nd Gen Camaro?

We’re taking this opportunity to create an LS Swap 101 series. We’ve already filmed the cam and spring swap, a Transgo Shift Kit install, fabbing up engine mounts, and more.

To follow along with the build and swap, subscribe to Blvckflagd on YouTube.

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