Swapping an LS into your older, carbureted muscle car can be a challenge, particularly when it comes to fuel systems.

On older car like a Chevelle or Camaro needs the entire fuel system upgraded to withstand the pressure and demands of fuel injection.

In the video above, we cover 2 options for building you LS Swap fuel system on a reasonable budget.

We also cover things like internal pumps, external pumps, and the corvette filter/regulator.

LS Swap Fuel Components

Below is a list of items mentioned in the video with links to where you can find them. We typically source from multiple vendors (Summit Racing, Jegs, eBay, and Amazon) to get the best deal.

  1. Aeroquip AQP Socketless Hose -6
  2. Aeroquip AQP Socketless Hose -10
  3. Walbro 450 internal Fuel Pump
  4. Billet Aluminum Cleanable Fuel Filter
  5. 3/8 GM Fuel Rail Fitting
  6. 5/16 GM Fuel Rail Fitting
  7. Walbro GSL392 External Fuel Pump
  8. Fuel Pump Mounting Bracket
  9. Corvette Filter Regulator
  10. Quick Connect Fitting (for Corvette regulator)
  11. -6 AN Cap
  12. Rubber Mounts

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