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Hot Rod and Car Culture Obsession

Have you been car obsessed since the first time you heard the rumble of a V-8 engine? Did you feed your obsession by reading stacks of old car magazines cover to cover?

As kids, those dream cars on posters and in magazines seemed just out of if the hobby was only for people loads of money and even more time. We figured one day when we’re old and retired, we’d finally be doing burnouts in that dream car we always wanted.

But where’s the fun it that? Wait your whole life to afford that muscle car, and then it’s so nice you’re afraid to take it out of the garage?

A Different Kind of Car Culture

Blvckflagd was started to do things differently:

  1. Make car culture and hot rodding accessible to more people.
  2. Encourage people to wrench, go racing, go to car shows, drive their cars, and road trip with people they love.
  3. Embrace imperfection — A ‘good enough’ running-and-driving rust bucket Chevelle is more fun than that project that’s been on jack stands in the garage for 10 years.
  4. Encourage people to try new things without fear of ridicule or breaking stuff.

What about the weird name?

The name ‘blvckflagd’ came from ‘black flag.’ In racing the black flag is used to summon a driver off the racetrack, typically for disobeying the rules, suffering a mechanical failure, leaking fluid, having loose or damaged bodywork, or anything that could be a hazard to the safety of the driver and or competitors…sounds like some of our cars fit the bill.

Our favorite variation of the black flag is the meatball flag, which is used to tell a racer they have violated ‘maximum sound levels.’

We don’t advocate for doing things in an unsafe manner or putting yourself or others in danger. We do encourage do-it-yourself, built-not-bought, good enough, raw, and unpolished hot rodding.

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