Curing Winter Blues with Zip Ties

In the midwest, its seems all car and hot rod related activities shut down for the winter. Everyone locks themselves in their garages with a ‘winter project’ that won’t be seen until it warms up and all the salt is off the roads.

We decided to cure our winter time blues with a trip to the southwest to Roadkill’s Zip Tie Drags.

What is Roakill Zip Tie Drags?

Roadkill Zip Tie drags is like a big meet-up, camping, party, car show, and drag racing all rolled into a 2 day event.

Zip Tie drags is hosted by Roadkill’s David Freiburger and Mike Finnegan, along with many other MotorTrend show hosts.

Zip Tie Drags Main Event: The $3k Hooptie Challenge

The main event of Zip Tie Drags is the $3000 Hooptie Challenge. A few years back our 1971 Chevelle made it into the event and may have been the slowest car there.

the ratty chevelle at roadkill zip tie drags
We entered the #RattyChevelle in Roadkill Zip Tie drags back in 2017 and it may have been the slowest car there.

At the Hooptie Challenge, you enter a car that is supposed to be worth less than $3000. The hosts entertain the crowd by making fun of all the entrants, and ultimately deciding if the are in or out by purely whimsical subjective criteria.

Our Zip Tie Drags Plan B

We scrambled to get our turbo Miata Kart ready for the event and then made the journey out west.

Unfortunately, we blew up our $3k hooptie challenge car in the desert the night before, so we really didn’t have anything to enter.

To make the best of the situation, we decided to race our tow vehicle, my wifes 2007 Yukon Denali, during test and tune.

Turns out it’s pretty quick for a 6,000 lb luxury SUV.

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