Watch us road trip the Miata Kart from Tucson Dragway to California

Our Epic Roadtrip to Zip Tie Drags 2020

If you’re not familiar with Zip Tie Drags, it’s an event put on by Roadkill, the popular automotive themed internet show. Zip Tie Drags events usually attract unique, low buck, built-not-bought style hot rods.

The main event is the $3000 hoopty challenge, where contestants convince Roadkill hosts David Freiburger and Mike Finnegan that their car is worth less than $3k.

The cars that pass the $3000 test drag race head-to-head until the fastest car is left. The winner usually gets bragging rights and a trophy made from scrap car parts.

Miata Kart: Our 2020 Zip Tie Drags Build

We thought adding a cheap Ebay turbo would make our $200 Miata kart the perfect build for Zip Tie Drags

We pulled an all nighter adding a cheap Ebay turbo and putting the finishing touches on the Miata Kart. Then we left St. Louis and drove straight through to Tucson.

Once we arrived, we finished putting the Miata together in an Autozone parking lot, parked the trailer at Tucson Dragway (where the Roadkill Zip Tie drags event was scheduled to begin the next day), and left in the rain.

We left Tuscon Dragway in the rain, but first I had to make sure we had working wipers

Will we Make it to Irwindale Speedway for the Zip Tie Drags Cruise?

You’ll have to watch the video to find out.

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