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Youtube Video: Finishing our Miata Roll Cage

Our very first Youtube Video – finishing the Miata roll cage

In this episode, we prep to take the $200 Miata Kart to Roadkill’s Zip Tie Drags in Tuscon, Arizona. Our first task was to finish the roll cage.

In the video, we also demonstrate some of the basics of roll cage fabrication:

  • planning
  • tube bending
  • notching and roll cage bar fitment
  • roll cage welding
  • fabricating cages on a budget with minimal tools

The Links

If you came here from Youtube, you were promised some links to resources:

  1. Our Tech article on how to build a roll cage (only part 1) – We go in depth on how to plan your roll cage build
  2. The cheap tubing bender we use: The Speedway Motors tubing bender. Make sure you get the proper sized die for your tubing.

Thanks for Watching!

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